№ 7-3, 2022

Bakuleva N.I., Zemskov A.M., Kostenko S.M., Peleshenko Y.I., Shiryayev O.Y. Changes of immune status in patients with mixed anxiety and depressive disorder and herpetic viral infection
Chuguryan M.A., Stepanov I.V. Surgical 3D navigation templates in immediate dental implant: effectiveness of application
Ishkova A.N., Gabbasova N.V., Stebletsova A.O. Cataract: the review of problems and solutions
Khryachkov V.I. Prevention of caries and its complications in the population of a special economic zone: effectiveness of management and practical actions
Kravchenko A.Ya., Tokmachyov R.Ye., Chernik T.A. Negative aspects of the comorbid course of COPD and CHF
Laptiyova A.Yu., Andreev A.A., Ostroushko A.P. Methods of intraoperative correction of hepatic dysfunction
Nizhelskoy D.A., Gulov V.P. Malignant neoplasms of the head and neck in the adults of Voronezh region: current nosological statistics, triggers and prevention
Nikulshina Ya.O., Kolpakov A.V., Redkin A.N., Zaharov M.A. Radiomics for diagnostic process and comprehensive treatment in glioblastoma: clinical case
Razuvaeva Yu.Yu., Ledneva V.S. Рalliative care for the children of Voronezh region
Riaskin K.A., Titova L.A. X-ray with tomosynthesis as an alternative diagnostic tool for abnormalities of various etiologies
Skrylnikova M.A. Biomarkers of kidney injury in children with leukemia after anticancer therapy
Sorokina M.V., Manukovskaya O.V. Long-term outcomes of treatment for patients with locally advanced highly differentiated thyroid cancer
Vladimirova Yu.V. Modern options for presbyopia correction in patients with COVID-19
Bezzubtsewa E.N., Povalyuchina D.A. Implementierung von Fernunterricht im Kontext von COVID-19 in Russland und in Deutschland
Golikova L.O., Povalyuchina D.A. Gesundheitsprobleme von Kindern und Jugendlichen mit Akne
Efremova L.S., Vasilyeva L.V., Povalyuchina D.A. Zusammenhang des Serumspiegels von Gewebe-Inhibitor der Matrix-Metalloproteinase-1 und des Myokardumbaus bei der Progression von chronischer Herzinsuffizienz mit einer moderat reduzierten Ejektfraktion bei Diabetes Mellitus
Makarova I.O., Popov V.I., Efimova T.V. Analyse des prix et qualite des aliments